Articles About Sherman Silverstein

Sherman Silverstein’s landmark work in health law & bioethics featured in two recent publications
Lawyer sees his role as warning to clinical researchers
2004 Pennsauken's Milstein helps Davids battle the Goliaths
2003 The Case for Clarett
2001 Informed Consent

Articles By Alan Milstein

04/20/15 "Sperm Donor Industry needs more Regulation"
National Law Journal Op-Ed authored
03/11/12 "Denying coverage often means no access"
The Philadelphia Inquirer
06/10/08 "Research Malpractice and the Issue of Incidental Findings"
The Journal of Law Medicine & Ethics, Summer 2008
04/11/07 "Scarlet Devils Blue Knights" Sports Law Blog 4/11/2007
04/01/07 "Milgramatic Shock" 4/1/2007
12/06 Alan Milstein on Pfizer and Torcetrapib
01/06 Alan Milstein's History of Computers
2006 Bioethic Chronology: A History of Broken Rules
2005 The Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial: The Fool's Gold Standard
2005 Twenty questions every IRB should ask before approving therapeutic clinical research
2001 Anthrax Chronology
2001 Bioethical Lessons From the Gelsinger Case:Three Myths of Human Experimentation
05/98 Handling PCB Litigation

Articles By Alan Milstein and Michael Dube

12/2005 Out of the Park: A History of Sports and the Human Condition

Articles By Thomas Tamburelli

08/2009 Client Alert
06/2009 Client Alert
04/2009 Client Alert
10/02/00 OIG Issues Final Compliance Program Guidance
06/07/00 OIG Issues Draft Compliance Program Guidance
10/25/99 Physician Practice Compliance Plans

Articles By John R. Lolio, Jr.

12/2013 Beneficiary Controlled Trusts
02/2011 Return of the Estate Tax in the 2010 Tax Relief Act
01/10/10 Modified Carryover Basis Rules of I.R.C. §1022 Current Implications
02/11/08 Retirement Planning
04/30/07 Estate Planning Language
04/30/07 Long Term Care
03/01/07 Estate Planning
03/01/07 Estate Planning for Closely Held Business Owners
08/01/01 Why You Need a Will and the Consequences if You Die Without it

Articles By Robert E. Schwartz

02/2011 The Expanded Bulk Sale Law

Articles By Matthew Podolnick

06/05/2015Mr. Podolnick's practice and approach to helping his clients was recently profiled in South Jersey Magazine in an article entitled "Making it Work: Attorney Matthew Podolnick successfully guides clients through some of the toughest situations they'll ever face".
07/2012 Litigation in Divorce Requires Lawyer - Accountant Interplay