Articles By Ross J. Switkes
1/23/2023 "An Overview of a 363 Sale Involving a Stalking-Horse Bidder" American Bankruptcy Institute Journal

Estate Planning (Low Interest Rate Environment)

Estate Planning Opportunities in a Low Interest Rate Environment and Depressed Financial Markets

Oxford University Press

Handbook of American Sports Law

Articles About Sherman Silverstein

Sherman Silverstein’s landmark work in health law & bioethics featured in two recent publications Lawyer sees his role as warning to clinical researchers

Articles By Alan Milstein

8/2017 "The Brave New World of Assisted Reproductive Technology" Publication courtesy of New Jersey Lawyer, all rights preserved.

01/20/17 "The Brave New World of Assisted Reproductive Technology" Temple 10-Q, Temple's Business Law Magazine

04/20/15 "Sperm Donor Industry needs more Regulation"National Law Journal Op-Ed authored

03/11/12 "Denying coverage often means no access"The Philadelphia Inquirer

Articles By Kristofer B. Chiesa

8/31/2015 “Stadium Spectator Safety: Is It Finally Time to Revisit The Baseball Rule?”

Articles By John R. Lolio, Jr.

12/2013 Beneficiary Controlled Trusts

02/2011 Return of the Estate Tax in the 2010 Tax Relief Act

Articles By Robert E. Schwartz

02/2011 The Expanded Bulk Sale Law

Articles By Matthew Podolnick

06/05/2015 Mr. Podolnick's practice and approach to helping his clients was recently profiled in South Jersey Magazine in an article entitled " Making it Work: Attorney Matthew Podolnick successfully guides clients through some of the toughest situations they'll ever face ".

07/2012 Litigation in Divorce Requires Lawyer - Accountant Interplay